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Reality 101

Directed by Nathan Rawlings

What are your views on alternate realities? What if you had the chance to predict every possible course of life, depending on your present decisions? After a breakup, Alex’s best friends try to convince him it is for the best, using the multiverse theory.

2 Face

Directed by Laith Sami

A husband faces losing his wife and home: his brief romance with a younger man triggers the murder of his wife… Or does it?


Directed by Vojtech Jurczak

As our protagonist enters an abandoned building, one wonders what could happen around each corner. This horror short stems from a photographic session.


Directed by Mathieu Nolhier

Marc, a talented film director, meets Lucien, the fictional character of his next movie. Follow the adventure they both will dive into.


Directed by Ibrahim Taher

Due to his mental issues, Jerome is a struggling young man who is unsociable. This until he comes across an AI which helps him in some rather questionable ways…


Directed by Pablo Larcuen

We follow the life of a family man stuck in the same mundane life, with an ever-growing detachment between him and his family. As he wonders if things could get any worse, he also finds he was born with a very rare condition which will be soon turning him into… An elephant!

Lost & Found

Directed by Sam Hotson

A comedic tale of a young man playing hide and seek, in which he ends up finding someone who he might have been searching for his whole life…

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