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Something remarkable happened on Dec 9th πŸ‘€ when Harry, joined by Marcial, went to his very first radio interview πŸŽ™οΈ at Smoke Radio 🀯 so we are forever grateful to @smoke_radio for the given opportunity πŸ“»

It was a super fun experience, where not only we were able to promote Cinebooth but also we casually spoke about film trailers, Christmas films, golden globes and much more 🎬 Very exciting thing to be part of a radio show indeed πŸ₯΄ and it’s worth to mention we did this at the University of Westminster πŸŽ“ @uniwestminster which is of utmost importance, as we aim to provide some help to the students ready to take on the film industry, either during or after their studies πŸ“”

Cinebooth do not want people to go into the world of film alone and for that reason we reach out to as many as possible with the goal to invite them into our networking events 🀝 our screening events πŸ“½οΈ and our upcoming festivals πŸ† which are completely free 🎟️

We were invited by Louis Holder, who’s not only an excellent radio host but also a film editor and colourist… Thank you @louis_holder_editor πŸ™ You can hear the segment β€œSmoke Radio at the Movies” πŸ” link in bio πŸ” every Monday from 7pm till 8pm on Spotify, iTunes and Mixcloud.

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