Making Low Budget Shorts

Here at Cinebooth we are very pleased to present filmmaker Norman Tamkivi with the first featured talk for our
recurring Cinebooth events!

When as independent filmmakers we set out to start with a new project, we come up with ideas and
premises that look exciting, but usually along the way (quite quickly actually) even the apparently
simple scenes to shoot become a challenge of “how do I make it?”, and then “how do I make it
actually work like I wanted?”. Our vision and the achievable become separated by a chasm of
nervousness and then we start losing confidence in where is this all going.

Norman Tamkivi (Writer/Director of The Border and New Boy) has a track record of high quality
filmmaking on projects ranging from science fiction to drama, and very kindly has offered to share
freely his work proccess. From the very early phase of just having an idea on mind to planning and
eventually finishing a production that will be another step in our future carreer, Norman will explain his
own personal approach in closing the distance between our imagination and reality.

For now, here is a look at Norman´s work in The Border, his 2016 science fiction drama:

You can secure your attendance through our eventbrite or meetup event pages, just click on the blue links, it´s for free!

Looking forward to see you this February 19th at the second floor of Riley’s (80 Haymarket, London, SW1Y 4TE).
We’ll have a 20 minute talk followed by a Q&A, and as usual a lot of warmth!

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