Goodbye Dennis

Entering 2020, Cinebooth envisions a great adventure to dive into but unfortunately our current endeavours will continue without Dennis @kosmosdennis, our incredible mixologist bartender 😕 so let us hold the tears in and remember all the good times 💭

Dennis became part of the core team and helped shaping our dream, going as far back as February 2019 ⏳ This is a man with many years in hospitality, having worked at some of London’s top cocktail bars including Soho House @sohohouse 📌 With us though, Dennis was taking time off from work to attend our meetings and events, and he was carrying and piling up all our bar stock and equipment. Cinebooth is all about the film industry and making people’s talents be seen and appreciated 📽️ We also aim to serve everyone with the highest standards and make them feel at home, and Dennis surely gave us valuable insights on this matter, building an exemplary image of the warmth we strive to reach as proper customer service 🤗 He had an excellent taste in recipes and titles, creating such a unique, extensive list of cocktails from crazy drinks like the “Cheech and Chong” to Christmassy flavours like the “Home Alone” 🥃 Along the way, Dennis brought other bartenders to be at our events and even his girlfriend was on board to aid us countless times!

We don’t think we would have gotten this far if it wasn’t for Dennis, therefore his dedication and vision, his organisation and creativity, his sociability and charisma, will be missed 😣 and these will stand as a hallmark of what we do and what we look for in a good partner. He laid a strong groundwork setting up the company, but most of all he blessed us with his friendship and although he’s sailed ⛵ off onto a different journey this year, he is still willing to cross paths with us, because once a Cineboother, always a Cineboother! Bye Dennis, we wish you the very best and we thank you greatly for all your amazing work 👋

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