The Traveller

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This short explores a very complex subject of the current world – Islamophobia – and adds its own Sci-Fi spin. For instance, we may ask how far would you go to protect your loved ones? What if your country asked you to spy on your neighbours? Can you conceive a scientist secretly working for a terrorist organisation? How does knowing the ethnicity of the people around you influence the perception of the world you live in? And how do you deal with racism or other phobic behaviours? How does it feel to live in a culture different to yours? Would you sacrifice your present moment for a greater goal? We hope that you are prepared to embrace a story that will put you on your toes, as things might not be as they seem. Previously presented at one of our screening events, you can now watch this 9min short by Gareth Kay, starring Sashen Naicker and David R. Roberts.

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