The Job To End All Jobs

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Our entry for Filmriots and Fimstro’s one-minute film competition!
A group of bank robbers prepares for their biggest last score, only for it to all come crumbling down…

All music in the film was created with Filmstro.

Special thanks to everyone involved, this was a zero budget production and it wouldn’t have been possible without your help!


Written and directed by Nathan Rawlings
Producing and Cinematography by Jake Bentley

Kristian Burnett as Leo
Daniel Newton as the parking attendant
Haseeb Noray as Bill
James Haynes as Andrew
Marcus Stonell as Kenneth
Extras and crew
Shantelle Keech
Lucas Marks
Megan Derbyshire
Aurora Harris

Post-production by Jake Bentley and Nathan Rawlings

(Sorry the user has not provided a list, but we can assure you at the end of the film there’s credits)