The Crush

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“The Crush” is a short film inspired by Robert Rodriguez’s Short film from 1991.

Produced by Yoel Darwihs & Shahar Sigal

Written & Directed By Yoel Darwish

Shahar Sigal

Edited By
Lior Burshan

Lighting Supervisors
Amit Liran
Yoav Pinus
Lior Burshan

Original Music By
Ben-Or Habari

Make Up And Visual Effects
Shahaf Beer


Sofia Darwish as The Girl

Tom Haddas as The Horrible Girlfriend

Or Liberman as The Crush

Michaela Darwish as The Bestie

Yoav Pinus as The Other One

Butter Rinse By
Yarden Shemesh

Drawings By
Noa Barak

Jonathan Zilberbeg

Script Supervisors
Dor Menasheof
Yuval Saar

Jonathan Zilbeberg
Daniel Evron
Or Gershon
Roi Pariente

Special Effects
Lior Burshan

Color Grading
Shahar Sigal
Lior Burshan
Mike Rifinski
Lighting Department
Dor Dagan
Neta Chet
Daniel Aharoni
Ofir Strull
Music Department
Ben-or Habari
Noa Zur
Itamar “Pita” Baron
Shani Shtainberg Habari
Ishay Habari
All Sounds
Special Thanks To
Hezi Darwish
Bilha Solomon
Patricia Darwish
Coral Ashkenazi
Gustavo Sigal
Roy Levy
Roi Koren
Yotam Cohen
Matan Portnoy
Bar Gutharts
Yuval Caspi
Keren Saban
Judith Unger

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