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Marc, a talented film director, meets Lucien, the fictional character of his next movie.

Written & Directed by
Mathieu Nolhier

Assistant Director
Vincent Senécat

Denis Michallet

Kent Goldfinch

Suzie Aris

Michelle Callcut

Ric Leeson
Ingrid Melissa
Alicia Bismut
Benjamin Keller
William Charon
Marc Geday

Sound Recordist
Ben Hewitson

Music Supervision by
Boucles d’Or Supervision

Music Composers
Benjamin Mace
Cyprien Cheloudiakoff
Yann Thiery

Additional Sound Effects Editor
James Bryant

VFX Artist
David Arthur

Huge Thanks To
Animated Storyboards
Yana Ritz
Jessica (Kaffeine)
Natalie (Moving Pictures Cinema)
Leaf Flover Limited
Lena Barendt

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