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Veteran Illustrator and Bluegrass Musician John Holder returns to the village he grew up, ​Badwell Ash​ in Mid-Suffolk, England;​ reconnecting with family and friends from the past and encountering stories of growing up and growing old in Suffolk.

Having left the village to pursue a formal education at Cambridge School of Art at just 16, and begin a life and career that would see him travel all over the world, ​Old Suffolk Boys​ provides an insight into an area of Eastern England, as well as man who is returning to the area – entrenched with pickup trucks, a dash of far-right politics and a deep-rooted love of country music, that will surely resonate with audiences.

John Holder
David ‘Bub’ Smith
George Rose
Michael ‘Dick’ Largent
Neville Ellis
Alan ‘Bobby’ Hale
Audrey Smith
Robert Spink
Stephen McNally
Brenda Hale
Susan J.L. McNally

Directed by Flow West
Produced & Production Sound by Louis Holder
Cinematographer: Mario A. L.
Film Editor: Kristof Szenasi
Re-Recording Mixer: Aidan McCarthy
Associate Producers: Gaye Lockwood, John Holder
Executive Producer: Rob Harper