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Director: Zanna Louis
Written by: Simone Chalkley
Director of Photography: Alex Lazarou
Executive Producers
Alex Smith
Liyaan Sarwal

Production Manager & Coordinator: Alex Smith
Editor: Thomas Jenkins
1st AD: Ben Moxon, Liyaan Sarwal
Composer: Louie Barby
Sound Mixing: Thomas Jenkins
Casting Director: Liyaan Sarwal

Production Assistants
Gaby Copeman
Mason Bosworth
Ben Moxon

Script Supervisors
Liyaan Sarwal
Thomas Jenkins

Boom Operator: Elizabeth Marner, Keerthana Mohan
Makeup & Hair: Chatelaine Teruel
Costume: Alex Smith, Liyaan Sarwal
Production Design: Ayeshah Lalloo

Ciara Bright – Maya
Janani Arudselvanathan – Amber
Angus Brown – Matty
Isaak Ranger – Sam
Charlie Humphreys – Director
Ben Moxon – Actor 1
Cavan Ferguson – Actor 2
Emily Simmons – Bar Server

Michael Park
Gaby Copeman
Kasturi Kiri
Honor Levenson-Gower
Jophi Nyeko
Harlan Baro

Special Thanks
The Rose Tavern
The Garage

Crowdfunder Supporters
Carl Lang
Caroline Cooke
Susan Hodgkinson
Matt Hodgkinson
Lorna and David Rose
Ian Rigden
David Moxon
Kuku Sarwal
Rani and Chinn
Tarun Sarwal
Andrei Gheorghiescu
Girish Nair
Georgina Moxon
Nathanael Wright
Debbie Amas
Polly Paulusma
Liyaan Sarwal
Richard Wood

A film by Unthank Productions

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