An Insta(nt) Story

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A guy and a girl casually meet in a room while checking their social media. The two meet, fall in love and break up without ever stop looking at their phones.

// Director’s Statement:

An Instant Story is a story that happens everyday. One guy, one girl, they meet, they fall in love so quick that they don’t even have the time to actually know each other. And all this happens while they two are completely absorbed by their phones, and their social media profiles.
With this little, abstract and comedic short, I wanted to depict nowadays relationships pushing it to the extreme of absurdity.
Some people can say this is very distant from reality, while some others would ask “is it really”?
Overall what I wanted to do here is just to tell a little funny story through the eyes of two young lovers who are much more in love with their social media version than they are towards each other’s.
The directing style here is very abstract, with a dreamlike set up where I’ve merged colours and black and white, collages and montages that give to this short a sense of unrealistic yet very pleasant feeling to the viewer.
An Instant Story, is what the title says: something that happens very quickly, but will definitely entertain you for those 3.40 minutes!

credits: Riservati Pictures

Ayvianna Snow as BRITNEY147
Matteo Valentini as MrValentini

� Cinematography by Stanislaw Proszowski

� Edited by Tommaso Furi

� 1AC/Focus Puller: Adam Jasinski

� 1AD: Alex Robinson

� Sound Recordist: Tom Lafferty

� Set Photographer: Ryan Sadki

� VFX by Kirk Sylvester

� Make Up Artist: Miriam Spanu