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Watching shorts and connecting people is priceless and if you're feeling like a winner we have festivals!

Networking events

Social networking done the old school way

No memberships, no subscriptions, no hidden costs. We empower the freedom of the indie, so you can find value in the things that really matter. Like connecting with other talents in a super chilled environment.

There is no reason for you to go unnoticed amongst the crowd. This is why we encourage everyone to grab the mic and get a louder voice. You might find that talented person you seek in the room.

Learn with the pros! Imagine an evening in which not only you can meet great people to collaborate with, but also you are able to expand your knowledge thanks to great talks featuring experienced creatives in the industry

Whether you are an actor, composer, filmmaker, cinematographer… , looking for a strong presentation, we are able to play any content you wish onto a large screen such as showreels, trailers, teasers, a website, some photos or even audio samples via our speakers, headsets, projector screen and projector. Just submit your content and we’ll add you to the list

Free entry

Show & Tell


Open Mic

Free entry

Open Mic


Show & Tell

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Audience Feedback

Free Film Submission

Screening events

Have a short film...Let's screen it!

Cinebooth has an amazing solution providing a fantastic screening event AND you are able to bring all the guests you like with free entry!


just because a short film can be a little over 10 minutes, does not mean it took only 10 minutes to make!

-Harry Woodford, Founder of Cinebooth

Cinebooth Film Festivals

Venue Festival

Like our events we hold shall be holding our festivals in London. This is a great opportunity to meet the creatives selected on the night as well as have the chance the vote for your choice for the winner. The nights will be filled with music, a bar for drinks and food. We make it a more than a movie night in!

Online Festival

The indie film community is global and therefore we reach out to all those across the world to enter our regular annual festivals to win a special place in our category sections. Earn a special label on your film cover for our viewers and  win all the other great stuff like laurels and more…

Streaming Events

Come watch this fantastic event held each week!

It’s not like any other streaming event where it would be just a bunch of films playing one after another…

we go the extra mile with our host playing fun interactive quiz games in between films for you to follow along with, a poll voting system to pick your favourite film of the night, a live chat, Q&A and so much more.

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Our events are held in the heart of London – Piccadilly, all completely free. We love it when you bring a friend along because the more the merrier