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Submitting a film to Cinebooth is completely free and we do more than just add your film to our library. We do social media posts on your film, streaming events with option for viewers to donate to the filmmakers, we can also enter your film into our tournaments/festivals and so much more. If you'd like to submit a film click the button below. We recommend that you take a read of the terms and conditions first

Terms and Conditions

We accept submissions from all countries and locations with the only condition that on works in languages other than English, subtitles are included.

Upon acceptance all submitted films can be used for our screening/streaming events, and/or added to our film library and/or placed in our film festivals both online or location based, unless requested otherwise in the “Additional Info” text area.

All films are welcome for submissions although each film will be revised carefully before being accepted.

All films lengths are accepted for our film gallery. Submissions for our stream and location events must have a runtime below 25 minutes for scheduling purposes.

If your film includes mature content, the submission form has to specify such so that it can be promoted properly. Explicit sexual content, nudity, violence, disturbing images, etc. will be reviewed and can still be accepted based on the work’s narrative or artistic merit.

Children sexual exploitation, animal cruelty, and all such criminal acts will not be accepted.

Other media such as promotional and music videos, showreels or monologues must be sent as a request to

This type of content can be considered for other purposes but won’t be included in our film library online.

If your film is removed temporarily from its hosted source; Vimeo or Youtube, please let us know immediately.

Removing your film from our library comes at no cost.

If your films are removed from their main source without notifying us, you can be temporarily prohibited from further uploads

All films that appear on our site will at some stage have some social media presence through posts on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, LinkedIn & Twitter unless you request otherwise

By submitting your film you accept that at some stage we shall reach out in regards to featuring your work in our online stream events.

Our on-line streaming events will be recorded and stored on our YouTube channel for a 2 month period, after this they shall be removed from the channel and placed into our Patreon catalog, where audiences can buy these event recordings and 100% of all earnings are split between the works featured on the sold recording.

Rights of submitted works will remain the property of its creators, only allowing us the promotion and distribution of the same under the conditions agreed upon acceptance of these terms.

You are welcome to include our intro clip and our logo thumbnail on your video cover but we do not accept the logos of any other companies other than production companies and festival laurels

Our contact e-mail is open to any questions and requests.

Submit Other Content

Helps make an inspiring start to the week

Networking Event - Show & Tell

Any content above 10mb you can send weTransfer ( to our email, and make sure to include your name and description of the content you send.

Terms & Conditions

Here’s some small things ruled out before submitting for our networking event.

  1. We cannot guarantee that the content you submit to present will be for the immediate event as our list can be fairly extensive
  2. We contact you with the dates of the event to confirm if you can attend on such dates to do your presentation
  3. Your work can not be presented on the night unless you are present, that said you’re allowed to have a representative stand in for you
  4. The contend for your presentation can be promotional as well as a way of showing your talent but it must all be related to the film industry providing a benefit for our attendees, if we feel the content is not appropriate we’re permitted to exclude it from any event

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Terms & Conditions

Here’s some small things ruled out before sending in your quote.

  1. The quote must be one of your own, if you wish to use one from another author please state this in the quote text area
  2. Your quote shall be used on a Monday promoted on our social media
  3. This is an opportunity to promote yourself as we can link to a page of yours that said if we find the link can lead people to content that may be offensive or cause a form of discomfort we have the ultimate decision to not include the link

London Events

Help the team host an amazing event

We hold events for networking and screening in London and sometimes we get a large crowed. We’ve noticed that thanks to our family vibe hosted on the nights many people have asked if they could help and be a part. For that reason you can write in and let us know what skills and ideas you could bring to the table. If a position opens up for you on the night we’ll welcome you with open arms and a T-shirt for you to take home.

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