Featured Project: Waves of Sleep, by Sofia Rivolta

The promotion of independent projects and the empowering of rising filmmakers, that’s where the future of cinema as an art and entertainment form resides. So logically the main reason I began collaborating with Cinebooth is because of the great oportunity it is, not only to make screenings possible for every kind of film but also to build a habit of community amongst people with this passion. And it works, because otherwise I wouldn´t have heard of many fascinating projects still in development like the one I´m going to talk about today, the 15 minute drama Waves of Sleep by Sofia Rivolta.

Bernadette Brugos as Hana

WAVES OF SLEEP: Official Gofundme page (Check it out!)

The 15 minute short film tells the story of Hana, a woman who is stricken with insomnia after the suicide of her lover Stephanie, a hypnosis therapist that was working in an insomnia related case herself. Now, Hana is diving into the research Stephanie left behind with the ultimate goal of finding the last patient she treated, Christine. Her only other human connection is Timothy, a Shakespeare lecturer that will prove to be very relevant to Hana’s objective.

Going through a crowdfunding campaign right now, Waves of Sleep is Rivolta´s second short film as director. While still a student at the London College of Communication, she already has a background in production for both live action and animation, and this is her most ambitious challenge to date. Alongside Sofia are fellow LCC students Fizza Hassan working as Producer, DOP Balázs Weidner, and Production Designer Anne Braatz, just to name a few. You can get all names and more juicy details at the Gofundme page linked above, take a look if only to see how that bar fills everyday, they´re already more than halfway of a 3000£ endgoal in less than three months!

Regarding the cast, we have Bernadette Brugos (already a Cinebooth star with the short WONDER) as Hana, Steve Broad (The Accidental Spy, Storyteller) as Timothy, Rebecca Norton (A Thin Red Line, From Both Hips) as Stephanie, and Sally Vanderpump (The Cloak of Visibility, Art In Heaven) as Christine. An interesting cast, I’m curious to see how this mix of theatre focused and screen focused actors will shine precisely.

To get a taste of what’s coming, here’s the trailer for Sofia Rivolta‘s previous short film, SWAN CAGE:

Me and everyone at Cinebooth is with you guys, we really look forward to see the next step in this production.

And to you who is reading this, go to Waves of Sleep’s Gofundme page, breathe the vibe and get those creative juices flowing to do something cool for yourself, and of course support them with a few pounds if you can. You’ll hear more of this and other projects in the future (look forward to something by yours truly, if that’s your thing).

By the way, actress Bernadette Brugos gaves us the hint on this one, thanks Bernie!

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